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Our review is based on customer feedbacks. If you have purchased from any fake or novelty diplomas online, or at any shop please tell us the quality of your diploma or transcript. We compare services and prices on different fake diploma sites. We also have a message board for you to discuss quality or any other issues related to fake diplomas.

 We know that over 90% of customers are being ripped off or scammed. You have responsible to report to us and we will expose them to everyone. It is our pleasure to help you, and write up the fake diploma review.

We have contacted several fake diploma sites for visiting or benchmarking their operation. It should take about few months to half year before we can arrive a full report. Sorry it is not my full time job. We will take photos, video, or anything that we can do to report the true. Although we foresee some problems for doing this, some site owners give me a positive feedback on this project while others were not. Frankly speaking, I think only 2 to 3 site owners will give me this opportunity due to many of them are really "fake" or a scam.


There are some websites duplicated our content. We believe that they are related to some companies.

In order to save our credibility. We removed some reviews. PhonyDiploma.com is one of our recommendation. The removal of those reviews is bad for the customers, but this is necessary since we think it is a good way to do in the long run. Please go to see our Credibility page for reference.

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